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2016-5-10Meet in Shanghai

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2016 China International Elevator Exhibition will be held May 10 - was held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center from 13 countries.

        By then, Richmond Electric will bring the latest series of integrated controllers MD800, MD200 series (synchronous / asynchronous) door control system, elevator control peripheral products debut.

Mo Weite - elevator control experts.

We invite you to come and share Mond style!



Open Hours2016.5.10~13




Wonderful look ahead

MD800Series Integrated Control


Host integration with asynchronous integrated control;

N curves automatically generated ultrashort Automatic identification;

Speed loop autotuning, comfort free debugging;

Control board and driver board composed of dual-CPU redundancy design, safer operation of the lift;

Direct calls, high efficiency;

Weighing no compensation technique to achieve excellent start comfort;

Machine interface with LCD Chinese debugging;

Andrews platform with debugging, debugging support car;

Synchronous machine angle self-tuning, simplified on-site commissioning;

MD200Series (synchronous / asynchronous) door control system

MD200 -1.jpg

With asynchronous one perfect combination;

Ultra slim design, easy installation;

Wall way thermal design, heat dissipation by small bad environmental impact;

Meet straight drag control and mechanical requirements with reduction control;

Compatible position closed-loop control and open-loop speed control;

A CAN bus communication ports, one RS485 communication ports, eight digital inputs, three normally open and normally closed output relay;

  Develop protocols and control system, can dispense with the car top board, save costs and improve system reliability;

Power design, dual passenger ladder;

Support differential encoder

Elevator inverter




Elevator black box


Elevator IC card management system


Elevator dedicated UPS power supply


Various lift accessories



7 inch TFT LCD screen






PW-R1Superlattice panel

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